1857 in Delhi: Kashmiri Gate & the city walls

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Following our previous article on 1857 in Delhi, we move our narrative forward to Kashmiri Gate.

Kashmiri Gate & city walls

(Kashmiri Gate & city walls)

After visit the Nicholson Cemetery, use the metro subway to cross the road. Walk through the park on your left (the park has a huge statue of Maharaja Agrasen), towards the parking near gate no. 2 of Kashmiri Gate metro station. Keep walking in the direction of ISBT till you reach gate no. 1 of the metro station which will be on your left. On the right is an old & uneven wall beyond an iron grill enclosure. This is what is left of the walls of the city of Shahjahanabad.

remains of the walls of Shahjahanabad

(Remains of the walls of Shahjahanabad)


And if you look straight ahead you can see a little more of it, across the road. It presently forms the boundary of ISBT & is mostly used as a urinal. To reach the Kashmiri Gate, keep walking along the enclosure. It stands bang opposite Ritz Cinema.

The Mughal emperor Shahjahan built a new capital city for himself at Delhi & named it Shahjahanabad. This was in the middle of 17th century. It was a walled in city with several entry & exit points. The gateways were typically named after regions/cities they led to, such as Lahore Gate, Kabul Gate, Delhi Gate. So the road to Kashmir was through this very gate.