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1857 in Delhi: Nicholson Cemetery

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In a series of articles here, we are going to talk about the lesser known history of Delhi. Each article will cover details of a single site, with photographs. Delhi is practically littered with historic sites. Yes, we know of the world heritage sites, but what about the numerous ruins, by lanes of Delhi, each with a story of its own.

Nicholson Cemetery

(Nicholson Cemetery)

Let’s start our heritage trail with the event of 1857. We all have learnt of it from our history textbooks: the tales of Tantia Tope, Rani of Jhansi: ‘khoob ladi mardani woh of Jhansi wali rani thi’, Mangal Pandey (made even more famous by Amir Khan’s movie) & Bahadur Shah Zafar, the poet-king & reluctant leader of the Uprising. (more…)

Exploring sites of 1857 through a walking tour in Kashmiri Gate, 19 May13

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The neighbourhood of Kashmiri Gate is one of the unusual trudges in Delhi. Located near the ISBT, Railway station, a bulk market for car parts, a University Campus, it is extremely busy through the day & the heritage walk is best done on a Sunday morning, when the usual activity has not yet picked up pace. Kashmiri Gate was the area where many Europeans settled in the first half of 19th century & later during the rebellion of 1857, many of its events were played out here. (more…)

1857 in Delhi: Heritage Walk in Kashmiri Gate, 28Apr13

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Delhi was a key site where events of 1857 unfolded. 1857 changed Delhi forever & this heritage walk recalls some of the events of 1857 rebellion. Although the remains of the 19th century & memorial on 1857 are of the British, there is an attempt to present both sides of the story. Our walking tour starts at Nicholson Cemetery, followed by Kashmiri Gate. The sites covered include the Bada Bazaar, old St. Stephens College & its rival, Hindu College’s old campus & Fakhr ul Masajid. Close by is the first church of Delhi, St James Church built by James Skinner. William Fraser’s house is located behind the church. In the campus of a university is the building where David Ochterlony had his Residency, said to have been built upon Dara Shukoh’s library. Our heritage trail ends on Lothian Road where there are two very important British memorials: the telegraph memorial & the British Magazine.

(posted by Kavita Singh, team member, Delhi Heritage Walks)

1857 Uprising: Kashmiri Gate Heritage Walk

1857 trail at Kashmiri Gate, 24Mar13

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This walk covers sites associated with colonial life in 19th century Delhi & the rebellion of 1857. We start at Nicholson Cemetery, named after one of the most revered British heroes of the ‘mutiny’. Brigadier Gen. John Nicholson was fatally injured while storming the Lahori Gate of Shahjahanabad. All through the summer of 1857 the rebels were inside the walled city & the British has taken position on the Northern Ridge & there was bitter fighting between the two sides. For Delhi the battle was pretty much decided in the favour of the British after breaching the city walls. Nicholson Cemetery has graves of many Europeans & some Indians as well. (more…)

The story of 1857 revolt in Delhi: heritage walk in Kashmiri Gate, 17 Feb13

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Here’s a brief overview of our heritage walk on 1857 revolt, which was organised this past Sunday. It is great pleasure to walk around the city on pleasant winter mornings and rains only add to this experience, I think. A group of enthusiasts joined us to explore the neighbourhood of Kashmiri Gate for landmarks of 1857. Our starting point was Nicholson’s Cemetery. The cemetery is located in an area which was the battle zone between rebels in Shajahanabad & the British on the Northern Ridge. (more…)