Heritage trail in Lodi Garden, 13 February 2010

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A perfect Saturday evening in Lodi garden, we began the walk from gate no. 1 of the park walking towards Mohammad Shah Sayyid’s tomb. The tomb is now fully restored, all thanks to the preparations for the Commonwealth games this winter. This is the only Sayyid building in Lodi garden. Historians often club Sayyid and Lodi reigns together; as a result people often are not aware of Sayyids ruling in north India. The next stop was the Bada Gumbad with its beautiful Lodi period mosque. The plaster decoration is exquisite and covers almost every surface of the mosque. Right opposite is the Shish Gumbad, a square, Lodi period tomb. We then walked towards Sikander Lodi’s tomb. True to his name, Sikander Lodi is known for his military exploits and his tomb resembles a mini-fortress. Walking around the athpula, the 16th century bridge, we reached some late-Mughal monuments, a mosque and a garden pavilion. We finished the walk near a 14th century turret. It was probably part of an enclosure wall which no longer exists. This is probably the earliest surviving ruin in the Lodi garden.

(posted by Rajesh Ranjan & Kanika Singh, team members, Delhi Heritage Walks)

Lodi Garden Heritage Walk

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