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This heritage trail covers sites associated with late-Mughal period and landmarks of the uprising of 1857. We began at Nicholson’s cemetery and spent some time sauntering around, looking at the interesting gravestones. Some are indeed beautifully carved. Besides Brigadier Gen. Nicholson’s, the cemetery also has Master Ramachandra’s grave. He is one of the most well known scholars associated with the Delhi College which is presently the Zakir Hussain College in Delhi University. Kashmiri gate, one of the most important landmarks of 1857 in Delhi, is easily missed by people in its neighbourhood. The area also has some city walls, parts of which are still visible around the ISBT. We passed the Lal Masjid, old Hindu college and old Stephen’s college while walking through the Bara bazaar in Kashmiri gate. The mass was over at St. James’ Church but the caretakers quite willingly reopened the church for us. There are several plaques on the church building naming martyrs of 1857. The churchyard also has graves of William Fraser, James Skinner and Skinner’s family burial ground. Next stop was the Dara Shikoh’s library and British Residency in the Indraprastha University campus. Just outside the campus is the telegraph memorial and remains of British magazine. Next to the GPO is Lothian Road cemetery which was closed. The view through the iron gates of the cemetery presented a picture of utter neglect. It is the earliest British cemetery in Delhi, and is presently in a very bad shape.

(posted by Rajesh Ranjan & Kanika Singh, team members, Delhi Heritage Walks)

1857 Uprising: Kashmiri Gate Heritage Walk

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