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Heritage Trail at Lodi Garden, 20Apr13

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Heritage Walks at Lodi Garden are a regular feature of our calendar. This walking tour is usually organized in the evening, when it is pleasant to walk around the park. Our heritage walk starts at Mohammad Shah Sayyid’s tomb & covers Bara Gumbad, Shish Gumbad, Sikander Lodi’s tomb, a Mughal period bridge called Athpula, some late Mughal buildings & a standalone turret

(posted by Kavita Singh, team member, Delhi Heritage Walks)
Lodi Garden Heritage Walk

Enjoying the rains at Lodi Garden, 16 Feb13

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Delhi was pleasantly surprised by showers for a couple of days and we decided to carry on with our heritage walk at Lodi Garden since it is a comfortable terrain to walk in all seasons. The park has well laid out pavements all through our heritage trail. And we happened to be the only ones in the park, which is an unusual sight. The park is always full of people, joggers, people reading, children playing, lovers spending a quite time here.  ‘Lodi Garden’ happens to be a modern, post-independence name. (more…)

Heritage Walk to Lodi Garden, 25 Nov12

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Delhi Heritage Walks organizes heritage walks to different parts of the city of Delhi. The focus is on lesser known areas which are best seen & observed by walking.  Lodi Garden is one of our regular walks, repeated frequently. This walking tour covers the tomb of Mohammad Shah Sayyid, Bara Gumbad, Shish Gumbad, tomb of Sikandar Lodi, a Mughal era bridge called Athpula, a couple of late Mughal buildings & a turret, probably from the 14th century. The above are photos of the heritage walk to Lodi Garden on 25 November 2012, led by Moby Zachariah, team member, Delhi Heritage Walks.

Lodi Garden Heritage Walk

Winter Evening at Lodi Garden, 30 Dec, 2012

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This was the last walk of the year & it gets colder every day! Still, there is nothing like walking through the ruins of Delhi to get warmed up. Our heritage walk this weekend was at Lodi Garden. Originally known as Bagh-i-Jud, it was a selected by medieval kings for the royal burials because of its close proximity to a dargah of a revered Sufi saint Nizamuddin Auliya. The garden came up as a part of re-landscaping done during colonial rulers who named the garden as Lady Willingdon Park named after the wife of then Governor General. (more…)

An evening in Lodi Garden, 27 Oct, 2012

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Winters are around the corner & this is the best time to explore the city. This Saturday, Delhi-ites came out in large numbers to join our heritage walk at Lodi Garden. Lodi Garden is the most popular park, located in the heart of the city. Originally known as Bagh I Jud, this piece of land has tombs of medieval rulers Mohammad Shah Sayyid, Sikander Lodi and a few other prominent buildings, including tombs, mosques & garden pavilions. However the area was landscaped into a garden only by the British as a part of beautifying Delhi, their Imperial capital. (more…)