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Phoolwalon Ki Sair: Festival of Flower Sellers, 26 & 27 oct13

November 6, 2013 in DHW,Heritage Walks,Mehrauli Village,Mehrauli Village Heritage Walks,Walking Tour | Comments (0)

This heritage walk coincides with the Festival of Flower Sellers (Phoolwalon ki Sair) organised every year in Delhi. We shared stories of the festival, its history, its performance & visited sites in Mehrauli village where the festival was held. Two key sites in the Sair are Yogmaya Temple & dargah of Qutbuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki. The festival involves offering a chadar (sheet) of flowers at the dargah & pankha (fan) of flowers at the temple. (more…)

A walking tour of Lodi Garden, 20oct13

October 29, 2013 in Delhi Heritage Walks,Lodi Garden,Lodi Garden Heritage Walks | Comments (0)

Our walking tour in Lodi Garden is a story of an English garden & medieval tombs in it. It is interesting to see the transition of Bagh-i-jud to Lady Willingdon Park and finally to Lodi Garden, post 1947. There are massive monuments within the garden, well preserved and standing out as objects of beauty among beautifully landscaped parks.  (more…)

Walking tour to Hauz Khas Village & Deer Park, 18aug13

August 29, 2013 in Deer Park,Delhi Heritage Walks,DHW,hauz Khas,Hauz Khas Heritage Walks,Heritage sites in Delhi,Heritage Walks,Monuments of Delhi,Walking Tour | Comments (0)

Hauz Khas is so large that an arrow cannot be shot from one side to the other’ wrote Timur, who raided Delhi in the 14th century. It is ironical that he defeated the Tughluq ruler & hastened the end of the dynasty, but was full of praise for buildings erected by the same dynasty. He camped at Hauz Khas, prayed in the mosque at Kotla Firuz Shah and wrote all about it in his memoirs.


A walking tour of Lodi Garden, 27jul13

August 8, 2013 in DHW,Heritage Walks,Lodi Garden,Lodi Garden Heritage Walks,Monuments of Delhi,Walking Tour | Comments (0)

Lodi Garden is quite a treat to explore. An easy walking terrain, picturesque monuments, birds & trees keep the senses engaged & if you are lucky, you might come across a hilarious photography session too! Our heritage walk here looks at the history of the buildings and the park.  (more…)

A trail of many centuries: heritage walk in Mehrauli Village, 30 June 13

July 5, 2013 in Delhi Heritage Walks,DHW,Heritage sites in Delhi,Heritage Walks,Mehrauli Archaeological Park Heritage Walks,Mehrauli Village,Mehrauli Village Heritage Walks,Monuments of Delhi,Walking Tour | Comments (1)

Mehrauli Village is one of the more unusual trudges in our list of heritage walks. It is a historic village, the first cities of Delhi came up here, & there is plenty of evidence of prehistoric settlements on the ridge area where Mehrauli area if one is careful enough to look.

Our walk this Sunday covered some of the medieval monuments which stand hidden among modern construction in Mehrauli. We meet at Adam Khan’s tomb which is the most prominent building here. (more…)