Walking tour in Lodi Garden, 25 Dec 2010

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This year’s Christmas was unusual for Lodi Garden, it being packed with people. The weather was excellent, and the entire population of Delhi seemed to have come out to picnic at Lodi Garden! For a change, we weren’t the only ones exploring the ruins. Our joy in walking around these ruins was shared by children, screaming on top of their lungs and playing around these medieval tombs! Muhammad Shah Sayyid’s tomb was the first stop on our heritage walk. The tomb stands out an object of beauty among the tree lined lawn. This tomb has recently undergone conservation. From here it is a short walk to the butterfly conservatory and the Bada Gumbad complex in the centre of Lodi Garden. The mosque here is one of the most beautiful specimens of plaster decoration, in Delhi. There are intricate arabesque patterns and calligraphy all over the interiors. Opposite to it stands the Shish Gumbad, with prominent blue tiles. The next stop on this heritage trail was Sikander Lodi’s tomb, which resembles a mini-fortress. Perhaps, appropriate for a sultan, whose name is Arabic for ‘Alexander’! Besides the Lodi tombs in this park there are a few Mughal monuments as well. The bridge over the artificial lake in the garden is called athpula, built in the 16th century. Further ahead is a garden pavilion and a small mosque. The ASI has recently added illumination to these 2 structures, which makes them look very beautiful in the evening. The last stop on our heritage walk was a standalone turret, to the east of Bada Gumbad.

(posted by Kanika Singh, team member, Delhi Heritage Walks)

Lodi Garden Heritage Walk

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